A Mini guide to scientific illustrations

We are all learners and continue to learn something new every day, but we need someone or something to show us a path. I have been digging so much into science communication and understanding the easiest ways to learn the science behind it. Along with it, I would like to show my budding scicomm peers like me the invaluable hidden resources. Recently, I have been rummaging through scientific illustrations to convey the news efficiently on my blog and Instagram page. The hard part in finding scientific images for our content is that they are often not freely available, and when we see an excellent picture that looks suitable for our subject, they have to be paid. Why don’t we start making our master arts? Now we cannot just rely on Canva, though Canva is my all-time favorite! It’s high time that we learn something new. Here I have gathered a few platforms where you can find freely available illustrations and draw them if you are a graphic designer or know how to draw.

Some of you might be aware about these tools and if yes, please do share this with your fellows.

You know amazing sources other than this? Do not hesitate to comment it down.

If you need more such cool resources, I am just a mail away!




For Science Junkies!

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For Science Junkies!

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